2250 Stick Glove

Synthetic leather palm with
vented gusset.

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Deluxe Thumb Shield

Crafted with a light weight, solid plastic shield moulded for additional finger and thumb protection. Protection that doesn't restrict the hands dexterity for stick handling and gripping ability.

Knee Landing

Full Finger Protection

Stiff plastic protection stretching above the finger tips. Crafted to be a single, solid piece that provides an additional blocking surface against pucks that deflect off the stick.

Vented Palm

Designed to keep your hand cool as the game heats up. Improves breathability without limiting control, protection or blocking surfaces.

The palm comes with foam padding to absorb shock while maintaining maximum feeling of the stick. Vents also allow for noticeably quicker drying times.

Adjustable Wrist Strap

Choose your preferred tension, as you secure your glove and hand in the right spot while maintaining wrist flexibility. Allows for improved glove control with a secure fit.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather used in all impact areas of glove to improve durability yet maintain a lightweight feel.

Angled Blocking Surface

Squares against shots, seals against the ice, and bends away from the wrist, maintaining flexibility and providing a larger surface area of protection.

Alternative Colours

Just because you are stopping goals in world-class elite gear doesn't mean you can't pick your favorite colour. Alternative colours available.

Quality Materials

Non-impact areas are made with lightweight 400 denier nylon. Impact areas are crafted with a durable and strong synthetic leather.

Less than 1.5lbs

The materials used offer maximum protection and performance while keeping the weight below 1.5lbs.


All equipment is custom made for your unique measurements. Please email or call us for fitting assistance.

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