Stick Glove

2200 Model

Years of professional goaltending experience and feedback have been incorporated into the design of the 2200 stick glove. Every element has been engineered for maximum protection, comfort and usability.

Thumb Shield

Moulded Thumb Shield

The thumb is generously covered by a moulded plastic shield. The contoured plastic and foam padding provides ample protection from the hardest shots, slashing sticks and wild skate blades. Your thumb is kept safe, and hidden behind this rigid shield.

Finger Shield

The fingers are guarded by a rigid plastic shield on the thumb side. The space between the finger guard and thumb is the perfect size to comfortably fit your stick, but too small for pucks to get through.

Inner Finger Shield

Stick Guard

A leather guard runs along the thumb and finger shield to protect your glove from wear and tear caused by your goal stick.

Stick Guard
Profile Thumb Side
Profile Front Side
Profile Palm Side
Profile Post Side

Quality Craftsmanship

This glove has been carefully designed for maximum protection, comfort, usability and visual appeal.

Split Finger

Finger Protection

Rigid plastic shields wrapped in durable foam guard the fingers from danger. Each finger is able to move comfortably while the shields keep them safe.

Paddle Finger

The index finger shield is able to move independently from the other fingers giving you more dexterity when stick handling. Hold the stick with your preferred method: full grip around shaft or index finger on the paddle.

Guarded Finger Tips

The tips of your fingers are hidden behind durable padding to protect you if a stick or puck enters the glove from this unlikely angle.

Finger Tips

Thumb Pillow

The thumb shield is padded on the interior with a foam pillow. The comfortable inner glove is attached to the shield via a durable piece of leather which keeps your thumb behind the shield, but still allows you to easily pick up a stick.

Thumb Pillow
Angled Surface

Square Up

The entire blocker grows in thickness from front to back and ends with an aggressive deflector bend; this upward angle provides more stopping surface relative to the puck on the ice.

Beat the heat

Finger vents improve breathability and help regulate your body temperature; warm body heat radiants out through the durable mesh vents. The vents run along the sides of each finger, so you maintain great stick control and dexterity. The vents also allow for noticeably quicker drying times.

Vented Fingers
Padded Palm

Padded Palm

The soft leather palm and thumb come with an additional layer of foam padding to absorb shock and dampen vibrations when the puck hits your stick. The extra padding in the palm and thumb is imperceptible, so you maintain maximum feeling and control for stick handling.

Body Extension

Adjust the wrist strap to your preferred tension, from snug to loose. A snug fit gives the feeling that the glove is an extension of your body while maintaining wrist flexibility.

Protective wrist cuff is removed for this photo.

Wrist Strap

Wrist Pillow

The adjustable wrist strap is padded against your wrist with a foam pillow. Even at the tightest tension the strap remains comfortable and soft on your wrist.

Wrist Strap Pillow

Additional Features

Padded Upper Wrist

A soft padded foam layer separates your upper wrist from the hard blocking surface. This comfortable layer also dampens impact vibrations.

Quality Materials

Impact areas are crafted with a durable and strong synthetic leather, while non-impact areas are made with nylon.


The materials used offer maximum protection and durability while keeping the weight below 1.5lbs (0.7kg).


All equipment is custom made for your unique measurements. Please email or call us for fitting assistance.

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