2000 Pant

with Crotch Protector

Greater mobility and extra padding
in all the right places.

Tapered Profile

Tapered to accommodate the chest and arms to be worn outside of pant. Allows for mobility without hindering protection in the vital areas.

Butterfly Cut

Improves both net and 5-hole coverage with an overall wider designed profile of lower legs, with inner protectors sealing against the ice and extended thigh protectors providing more net coverage.

High Back Collar

Additional protection for your lower back with high density foam that improves comfort for the waist. This style is designed for the chest and arms piece to be worn outside the pants.

Side and rear venting

Strategically placed mesh inserts at the side and rear improve ventilation without limiting protection. Designed for greater ventilation to keep you cool during the match and allow for quicker drying times afterwards.

Built in Crotch Protector

Made with additional layers of high density foam positioned to provide utmost protection with padding designed to square up the front section of the pants.

Deluxe inner thigh protector

Seals against the ice in the butterfly position, reducing impact of both puck hits and when dropping to the ice.

Quick Fastening Belt

External waist belt allows for easy adjustment of the pants. Keep things in place while you play.

Wide Thigh Guard

Adding overall width and creating a larger blocking surface. The guard centers securely on thighs and improves 5-hole coverage.

Minimal Weight: 4.5lbs

The materials used offer maximum protection and performance while keeping the weight below 4.5lbs.


All equipment is custom made for your unique measurements. Please email or call us for fitting assistance.

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