287 Leg Pads

Hand-crafted tapered tops
and 5-hole protection.

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  • Outside Profile
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Channel Cushions

Intelligently built with a series of padding and straps, designed with comfort and protection in mind. With added cushioning for when you drop down, using the highest quality, lightweight material that offers flexibility to rotate quickly into position.

Internal Knee Lock

Make quick agile transitions and recoveries smoothly with no adjustments needed. Foam padding on either side of the knee not only protects, but locks the pad into place.

Leg Channel
Inner Leg

Wrap Around Calf Protection

Designed with comfort, protection and flexibility in all the right places, even the back of your legs. Adjust the straps to personalize the fit.

Wrap Around Thigh Pad

Added for additional protection, this wrap around thigh pad absorbs the hard hits when you are on your knees.

Dual 5-Hole Ribs

Not one, but two rock hard, hand sewn 5-hole ribs to absorb the shock of fast and hard pucks. Sealing the smallest of gaps between the pads, while providing amazing protection for the goalie behind the pads.

Tapered Tops

A traditional top for a hybrid style of play. Rotate easily and efficiently into butterfly while still maximizing blocking surface to cover the 5-hole.

Tapered Tops

Custom Colours

Just because you are stopping goals in world-class elite gear doesn't mean you can't pick your favorite colour. Multiple colours available.

Custom Colours

Leather Straps

Our leather strapping system is a tried and proven method of securing pads regardless of the tension the goalie desires.

Quality Materials

The back of the pad is made with light weight 400 denier nylon. The front of the pad is crafted with a durable synthetic leather.

Less than 6lbs

The materials used offer maximum protection and performance while keeping the weight below 6lbs.


All equipment is custom made for your unique measurements. Please email or call us for fitting assistance.

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