2400 Leg Pads

Butterfly profile and deluxe
leg cushioning.

  • Front
  • Angled
  • Profile

Butterfly Profile

The enhanced landing gear and internal cushioning allows for easy rotation. The pad is very square and shuts down the 5-hole. The 2400 is very comfortable and a forgiving pad.

Deluxe Leg Cushioning

The inner leg cushioning provides comfort and extra thickness for easier rotation.

Split Calf Protection

The split calf design offers improved protection with more padding on the inner and outer calf. More protection in just the right areas.

Ultra-thin Profile

The ultra-thin profile is rugged enough to withstand the hardest shots in the game, provides excellent mobility and easy leg rotation regardless of strapping tension.

Rebound Control

The Resonator Rebound Control System is a time proven method of reducing the rebound off the face of the pad. Its specific internal layering sequence allows the puck to drop on impact with the pad.

Knee Landing Protection

The landing gear system comforts and protects your knees using lifts made of different foam densities. The lifts are velcro fastened to the pad allowing you to position them exactly where you will benefit the most.

Quality Materials

The back of the pad is made with light weight 400 denier nylon. The front of the pad is crafted with a durable synthetic leather.

Leather Straps

Our leather strapping system is a tried and proven method of securing pads regardless of the tension the goalie desires.

Less than 5lbs

The materials used offer maximum protection and performance while keeping the weight below 5lbs.


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