2000 Chest Protector

with Resonator Rebound Control

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Extra Rib Protection

With additional layers of shielding protection positioned specifically to run the length and width of ribs to belly. Designed for complete flexibility in quick reaching and crouching actions.


Built with reinforced foam blocks that run the length of the chest protector to provide excellent protection and retain overall body flexibility.

Deluxe Cruiser Arm Flaps

Lightweight arm flaps retain shoulder and arm flexibility without limiting rotation. Adding to overall bulk and blocking surface while minimizing shock of the pucks' impact.

Adjustable Elbows

With high density foam, reinforced with moulded elbow caps, allowing the elbow to sit squarely into the pad, without limiting flexibility or rotation of arms. Adjustable straps for micro adjustments.

Reinforced Breast Plates

Polyethylene plastic insert covering entire chest width, and lined with thick foam to absorb shock.

Shoulder Flaps and Cushions

Added overall body width, additional blocking surface and increased net coverage while improving shoulder protection.

Optional Collar

Added neck protection made with thick high density foam that comfortably seals the chest piece.

Back Protector

A high density plastic insert and foam padding provide additional protection on your back.

Waist Strap

Fully adjustable for desired tension, ensuring a secure hold with ultimate flexibility of waist rotation.

Large Elbow Caps

Larger elbow caps increase side impact protection, with similar rotation flexibility as in smaller caps.

Quality Materials

Lightweight 400 denier nylon, shock absorbing foams and high density plastics.

Less than 5.5lbs

The materials used offer maximum protection and performance while keeping the weight below 5.5lbs.


All equipment is custom made for your unique measurements. Please email or call us for fitting assistance.

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