Chest Protectors



All equipment can be customized to meet your needs. The models shown above are the most popular configurations. If you have any questions please contact us »

2400 2200 2000 2275 2250 1850
Extra Rib Protection
Split-Flexible Breast Plate
Full-Solid Breast Plate
Clavical Breast Plate
Shoulder Wings Flat Flat Ridged Flat Flat Ridged
Elbow Type Solid Solid Split Solid Solid Split
Available in NHL™ Specifications
(Smaller arm flaps and shoulders)
Yes Yes Yes No No No
All Models Include
Waist Clip Protector
Floating Elbow Flaps
Adjustable Arms, Wrists and Elbows
Optional Built-in Collar
Bicep Flaps
Spine Protector