Practice Jersey

2400 Model

Each jersey is custom made to fit the goalie and their chest protector. Big sleeves, quick drying, incredibly durable, and custom colours.

Spacious Sleeves

The sleeves have been designed to comfortably allow the largest elbow floaters to easily fit. No more fussing around trying to squeeze arm protection into tiny sleeves.

Big Sleeves

Made to Fit

Tailored to fit your chest protector measurements. Custom hand made for you.

Made to Fit
Breathable Material

Beat the heat

The durable jersey mesh allows excess body heat to quickly vent, keeping the temperature during practices and scrimmages comfortable.

Easy on, easy off

With a custom fit made just for your equipment, putting on and taking off your practice jersey has never been so effortless.

Custom Length

The perfect length

Each jersey is custom made to the length you desire. Never again will you have to wear a practice jersey that is too long or too short.

Goalie approved durability

Designed to take a barrage of punishment from on ice action, and life at the bottom of an equipment bag. Strong stitching, durable mesh, and hand made to last many years.



Make your jersey truly unique with custom colours and a variety of logo options.

Colour Samples


All equipment is custom made for your unique measurements. Please email or call us for fitting assistance.

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