2450 Knee Pads

for ages 10 to 13

Built-in Knee Lifts

Cushioning the impact on knees as soon as you drop down. By elevating your knees appropriately while in the butterfly, they provide better protection for the joints of your legs.

Deluxe Cushioning

Strong plastic shields cushioned by foam inserts act as a multi-layer system softening impacts and providing maximum protection.

Moulded Thigh and Knee

Providing an all around protection piece that is solid, yet comfortable. Covering lower thighs down to lower knees with extra shield width to protects both sides of knees and thighs.

Adjustable Straps

Thick and durable Velcro straps on both the top and bottom of knee pad adjust easily to desired tension.

Flexible Protection

The elastic straps with Velcro fastening on upper and lower portions of pad move with your leg, but ensure the pad remains secure.

Quality Materials

Exterior is made with light weight 400 denier nylon material for ultimate durability and protection.


All equipment is custom made for your unique measurements. Please email or call us for fitting assistance.

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