Equipment Care

Enhance the life of your gear

1. Rinse

After each game and practice, we recommend rinsing your equipment in a shower. Put the shower head in the palms of your gloves to rinse out the sweat and dead skin. Do the same with your chest protector and pants.

You can also wash your chest protector by hand in a laundry tub or a bathtub with clothing detergent. You can fully submerge your chest protector if needed, but do NOT submerge your gloves, pants and pads. You can wash your collar and jock by hand or put them in the washing machine.

Do NOT put your chest protector or pants in the washing machine.

2. Hang Dry

NEVER put any of your equipment in the dryer. The heat from the dryer will destroy the integrity of the nylon and protective foams and cause them to break down; less protection and durability than the original design… Pucks will start to hurt.

Open your gloves to expose the interiors as much as possible. Place your chest protector on a durable clothing hanger. Place all of your equipment in a warm ventilated place to dry. An oscillating room fan can assist in drying your equipment by keeping the air moving.

The interiors of modern leg pads are for the most part not water absorbing. Hang them to dry after play.

3. Enjoy

Your equipment should be dry and ready for the next game. Rinsing also helps keep your equipment fresh for years.