Designed by a goalie, for goalies

Over 40 years of Experience

I've been playing and designing goalie equipment for more than 40 years. It’s in my blood to strap on a pair of pads and stand between the pipes. Before I started making equipment I would come off the ice covered in bruises… getting hurt isn’t fun. Those bruises drove me to design and make equipment that would allow me and my fellow goalies to enjoy the greatest game without the pain. Confidence starts at the rink, but it goes so much further. If you love the game as much as I think you do, you’ll appreciate the extra protection, quality and durability we’re known for. Have fun on the ice.


John Brown
Owner & Goalie

Behind the Scenes

Your new goalie equipment is carefully handcrafted in Canada

Product development is driven by injury, performance, materials and changes in how the game is played. Each is big factor in the equation of creating new products. In the early years it was a big job to create products to reduce injury and pain. The equipment of that era was so substandard that protection was the driving force. The conversion from the traditional materials of felt, deer hair, Kaypok, and leather of the 1970s and early 1980s quickly became obsolete as foams, plastics, synthetic leathers lead to a whole new generation of products.

The changing style of goalies from the traditional stand-up to butterfly has goalies spending a lot of time on their knees. That has created a need for more upper body protection and new goal pad designs to accommodate the different methods of play. The emergence of the graphite sticks at all levels of hockey has once again created a need for more protective Chest and Arms. So many things drive change. The challenge is to develop products that will meet the new challenges of the day with out compromising the core values the company has always stood for.


Many thanks to everyone in the hockey community that has shared their feedback about our products. We really appreciate all the positive feedback. We will continue to deliver the quality and protection we have all come to love. More testimonials »

Thank you. The pads arrived yesterday and I wore them last night. FANTASTIC! Good call on the nylon. Very easy to wear "right out of the box." I really appreciate how quickly, and perfectly, you completed the pads. I hope to have them for a very long time.

PS- I'm already working on my wife to let me spring for a set of vintage pads/gloves!

Mr. Brown, your chest [protector] is awesome. I get great confidence facing hard shooters wearing your chest [protector]. Sometimes I get shots by guys who don’t care how they shoot or where, they just shoot hard as they can and your chest protects me and I get confidence like I didn’t have before, which elevates my game.

I wouldn't buy anything else. Your chest [protector] is the best I have had. Thank you very much!
Daniel - British Columbia